Aster Ostrich Plume

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Pack contains: Avg 200 seeds

Aster Ostrich Plume. Ornate and flouncy, elaborate and showy. These Asters are not the shy, retiring type! Beautiful, deep, rich hues giving late summer colour to the garden.

Keep deadheading to prolong the season, they will flower from July to October and also make the most gorgeous cut flowers for your home.

Sow undercover in April into seed trays or modules with just a very light covering of soil. Keep them warm and water regularly but do not over water. Harden off slowly and transplant outside when all risk of frost has passed. Asters prefer full sun.

Sowing Info

  • Sow under cover beginning of April into modules and cover the seeds lightly, keep warm and moist or
  • Sow directly outside in early May
  • Indoor sowings can be planted out when all risk of frost has passed
  • Prefers full sun