These are not shy, retiring flowers.  These are the fun, popular ones at the party, lighting up the room and turning heads.  Everything is more colourful, more fun, more vibrant when they are around.

These Zinnias will grow to around 45cm tall, have long, strong stems and small, bright, intensely coloured flowers.  They are perfect as a cut flower.

Zinnias truly love the sunshine.  The sunnier the summer, the happier they'll be.  What they don't like is root disturbance, so you're safest bet is to sow them direct in May or maybe into June when absolutely all chance of frost has passed.

Thin to 30cm or sow and do make sure they are in full sun.

Zinnia (Sprite Mix) seeds

    • Sow direct in May-June
    • Likes full sun
    • Height - approx 45cm
    • Will benefit from some support such as netting to grow through
    • Germination time from 4-7 days

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