Zinnia (Giants of California) seeds


Gorgeous and tall with strong stems and a cheerful mix of colours, these large Zinnias are a total delight and make a perfect cut flower. 


They stand about 1m high and love full sun.....do not put them in the shade!

Sow undercover in Apr/May in pots, cover lightly and keep warm and moist.

After all risk of frost has passed, acclimatise and then plant them out carefully (Zinnias hate root disturbance) into a sunny spot. 

keep picking the flowers and they will keep on producing!



Zinnia (Giants of California) seeds

    • Sow Apr/May into pots undercover and keep warm and moist
    • Acclimatise and plant out when all risk of frost has passed
    • Zinnias dislike root disturbance but love full sun!
    • Height 1m
    • Keep picking the flowers to encourage more blooms