Italian Plum Tomatoes


Such a great tomato!  A really good culinary choice due to its thicker skin, less seeds and slightly sweeter, less acidic taste.  These are brilliant for pasta sauces, passata and pizzas.

Easy to grow either in a greenhouse or outdoors.  Like all tomatoes they like full sun, moist well drained soil and to be fed regulary with a tomato fertiliser or your own comfrey feed.

Sow the seeds in a seed tray of seed and potting compost or 2-3 seeds into small pots.  Cover the seeds lightly with a little compost and water carefully.  Keep them in a warm, light place at around 16-20 degrees celsius.  Transplant into larger pots when around 10cm tall.

Tomatoes (San Marzano) seeds

    • Grows to around 1.5m tall
    • Spreads to around 60cm
    • Great for cooking with
    • Likes full sun
    • Harvest July-September
    • Germination time around 7-14 days