Tomatoes - Gardeners Delight


There's a reason these little beauties got their name!  Easy to grow, with a reliable heavy crop of fruit and a delicious taste.  These easy-going tomatoes can be grown inside or outdoors and have pollen rich flowers so are attractive to bees.


Sow in March or early April indoors.  Fill your seed trays or pots with compost and space evenly.  Then cover with vermiculite or compost, water and leave in a warm place.  Pot on when the tomatoes are about 10cm tall and harden off before planting outdoors when absolutley all risk of frost has passed.

Grow them in moist but well drained soil and stake firmly.  Tomatoes are hungry, thirsty plantsso feed regularly with a tomato fertiliser, or even better, your own comfrey feed.

Tomato (Gardeners Delight) seeds

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    • Sow February-April on the surface of seed compost and cover lightly

    • Keep at around 18-20 degrees until germination

    • Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle

    • Pinch out all side shoots between leaf stalks and main stem as they grow

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