Scabiosa Stellata


Also known as Scabiosa Drumstick, this is a gorgeous mini work of art.

It is so unusual and hardworking. First, it is truly beautiful as a delicate, pale blue flower which the bees adore and it makes a wonderful cut flower. But leave the flowers and something magical happens, as it becomes an unbelievably stunning seed head....little spheres of otherworldly loveliness.

You can cut and keep the seed heads for dried flower arrangements and if you spray them lightly with hairspray they will last months, if not years. I love to use them as beautiful, interesting table decorations.

Scabiosa Stellata is a hardy annual and so can be sown in spring or autumn.

Scabiosa (Stellata) seeds

    • Sow indoors March/April or Sept
    • Sow onto the surface of good quality compost, lightly cover and keep moist
    • The seeds will need warmth to germinate
    • Pot on the seedlings and move to a cooler place before planting out at the beginning of May
    • May need staking

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