Onion Red Baron seeds


Produces beautiful, dark red bulbs with a strong flavour and pretty red rimmed flesh. 

Easy to grow, an excellent cropper and stores well.


Sow March-April where they are to crop. Sow 1.5cm deep into soil that has already been watered. Allow 30cm between rows. 

Or you can sow indoors from Jan-April 0.5cm deep into modules and water well. Keep moist and at a temperature of 15-20 degrees. Transplant to other trays once large enough to handle. 

Acclimatise before planting out 23cm apart in May. 

Onion (Red Baron) seeds

    • Sow early spring indoors / heated greenhouse 8-10 weeks before transplanting outdoors
    • Can be sown directly when ground has warmed in mid-late spring, at 2-3 seeds per inch
    • Thin to 5 inches apart when plants are 6 inches tall
    • Sow Jan-April indoors. 0.5cm deep into trays of seed compost
    • Keep moist and at 15-20 degrees until germinated
    • Transplant to larger trays when seedlings large enough to handle, grow on and acclimatise before planting out in May
    • Or sow direct where they are to crop in April 1.5cm deep into soil that has already been watered. Thin to 23cm apart.