Leek Musselburgh


Reliable, easy to grow with good disease resistance, a wonderful; strong flavour and tender texture; Musselburgh leeks are an excellent leek to grow.


Sow indoors Feb- April 1cm deep into modules and keep at 10-15 degrees until after germination. Plant out when seedlings are 15-20cm tall. 

Or you can sow direct May-July.

They like full sun and well-drained soil. Thin to 20cm when planting out, each into a 15cm deep hole. 

Cover with netting. Store in ground and harvest as needed. 

Leek (Musselburgh) seeds

    • Sow Feb-April undercover in modules or sow direct May-July
    • Keep at 10-15 degrees to germinate 
    • Plant out when seedlings are 15-20cm tall, 20cm apart
    • Height 45cm 
    • Prefers full sun and well drained soil
    • Store in ground and harvest when needed

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