Cornflower (Mixed Ball) seeds


Cornflowers are fabulous flowers, wild and free.

They give a wonderful laid back feel to a garden.....bringing that cottage garden vibe in bucket loads. 

This mix has flowers in beautiful shades of blue, pink, black and lilacs, making it a wonderful choice for those who like an informal feel to a garden or vase. 


Sow Spring or Autumn, they like full sun and a well drained site. 

Cornflower (Mixed Ball)

    • Sow direct or in modules in Spring or Autumn. Autumn sowings will give earlier spring flowers the following year.
    • If sown in modules in Autumn, pot on when large enough to handle and over-winter in an unheated greenhouse to plant out the following spring
    • Grow through netting for support
    • Height 80cm. Likes full sun and well-drained soil