Clarkia (Crown Double Mix) seeds


Clarkia is a gorgeous but seldom seen cottage garden flower. Drifts of pink, red, mauves and white, good for cutting and beneficial to pollinators. 

Clarkia hates root disturbance and cold soil but loves lots and lots of sun. 

If using Clarkia as a cut flower, cut when just the top bud has opened, then they will last well in a vase. They flower from July to September. 


You can sow Clarkia in the autumn for earlier and larger plants but as they do hate boggy soil I tend to always sow mine in mid-April....don't be tempted to sow any earlier as it just won't be warm enough for them. 


Water the flower bed before sowing and sow directly where they are to grow.

Sow thinly 0.5cm deep in rows 30cm apart and cover lightly as they need light to germinate.  Germinatiion can take 3+ weeks.  Thin when large enough to handle to about a foot apart.


Clarkia (Crown Double Mix) seeds

    • Sow mid-April directly where they are to grow
    • Water before sowing and sow 0.5cm deep in rows 30cm apart.
    • Likes full sun. Hates root disturbance 
    • Takes 3-4 weeks to germinate
    • Good cut flower  

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