Cactus Dahlia

It's official, dahlias are addictive! Grow some this year and you'll be hooked forever more. These cactus type are extremely eye catching, with a mix of vibrant, colourful flowers with narrow spiky looking petals appearing at times like beautiful sea urchins!

Sow under cover in April. Sow the seeds onto the surface of compost and cover with a layer of vermiculite. Cover the seed trays with a clear plastic bag (re-use,re-use, re-use!) until the seedlings are visible and do not allow to dry out.

They'll be ready to plant out around May and with any luck you will have flowers from late July to November.

Dahlia (Cactus) seeds

    • Sow undercover in Apr to plant out in May
    • Do not allow to dry out
    • Height 1.2m
    • Support needed
    • Months of flowers
    • Germination 10-14 days
    • All our seeds are tested for germination
    • Packaging provided is recyclable or compostable 

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