Brussels Sprouts (Evesham Special) seeds


This is a great Brussels sprout for exposed sites and smaller gardens as it only grows to around 60cm in height.

It's ready early in the season....from September- Christmas and has lovely, densely packed, firm and delicious sprouts. 

They require a free-draining and stone-free site and prefer partial shade. 

Brussels sprout (Evesham Special) seeds

    • Sow the seeds from thinly late Feb - end April
    • Germination will occur in 7 - 12 days
    • When plants are appx 4 - 5 " high transplant to open ground
    • Space the plants Appx 16 " apart
    • Wider spacing will encourage a longer cropping period
    • Sow in spring to harvest in winter or sow in autumn to harvest in late spring 
    • Sow in modules under glass. Sow thinly 1.25cm deep and transplant when around 7cm tall
    • Water the day before transplanting and keep well-watered until established
    • Space 75cm apart

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