Under a blanket of snow

Well, this week it has all been about the snow. It snowed and it snowed and then it kept on snowing. Everything covered in white drifts, making daily tasks take twice as long to complete.

The poor hens have hated and will not get out of their coop in the mornings until I open the greenhouse door (which has become their space during the avian flu lockdown) and then they do a sort of flying leap across the gap from coop to greenhouse, so their feet won't touch the snow, where they can stay dry and out of the wind for the day. Amazingly though, three of them have continued to lay throughout this freezing cold week so hats off to them.

We went up daily to the polytunnel (struggling through thigh-high snow in places) to brush the snow from the roof of the tunnel. Hard work but worth it..... sadly we saw many other polytunnels collapsed and broken under the weight.

Sweeping off the snow allowed the light to get to the plants sheltering inside and they seemed as though they were coping well. Last night was -7 though and we've yet to see if there have been any casualties...fingers crossed after keeping them healthy since the autumn we haven't lost any now we are so close to spring arriving.

Magical and beautiful as the snow is I have definitely had enough of it now and the thaw can't come soon enough. Roll on spring.

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