Posy Perfection

May has been a mad month so far with sunshine, strong winds, rain, hail and frosts....the poor flowers that had made an appearance didn't stand much of a chance really.

There were several casualties and many a tulip head snapped off....but on the bright side this all gave ample fodder to make some gorgeous little posies.

I just love a small arrangement of flowers, they can really make a statement even though they may lack stature....and also they are easy to have on the table and still be able to see everyone else whilst you are eating!

Even the smallest of posies brings delight and happiness and they are fun to put together too.....try reds and purples together (tulips, sweet rocket, honesty, lilac) or you can't go wrong pairing the yellows (narcissus, primroses, cowslips) and blues (forget-me-not and muscari) that are still abundant at the moment.

Have fun and experiment! Here are some of my offerings this week.

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