Honestly the Honesty is flowering!

And suddenly there she was! I was just on my way to the greenhouse a few days ago to check on all the seedling after the frosts and snow showers (truly its time to get warmer now please!)....and out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of the Honesty (Lunaria Annua) in bloom.

It was so wonderful to see.....white and purple flowers (I planted a mix) appearing on the stems and the wonderful, heady scent already attracting the bees.

Honesty is such a gorgeous flower, I love it for many reasons...

* It is glorious to have cut flowers early on in the season.

* Such beautiful, delicate flowers that attract long tongued bees and butterflies.

* And as a bonus, it has the most incredible papery, moon-like, transparent seed discs which are wonderful dried and used in arrangements.

I sow Honesty on the summer solstice...not for any ancient Druid reasons😁.... its just a date that I find easy to remember!

I sow the seeds into modules and keep them outside....not in a hot greenhouse....then plant them out (about a foot apart) where they are to grow a month or so later.

They will happily overwinter in the garden and then burst into flowery loveliness around early April.

I am so so happy to see them and that is what gardening is all about isn't it? Happiness.

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