Beautiful Biennials! absolute must if you want early flowers in your cutting garden.

It may seem as though you have been sowing seeds for months (you probably have!) and perhaps don't want to think about sowing any more but please, please will thank me next spring!

Biennials are plants which will flower in their second sow them in June (I always favour mid summers day which makes it feel like a bit of a summer celebration and its an easy date to remember) and they can stay in their seed trays or pots outside (it will be too warm in a greenhouse and you don't want them clogging up valuable flower bed space either) until you plant them into position in September....then they will flower the following year.

There are so many gorgeous biennials to choose from but I definitely couldn't be without:

*Sweet Rocket.....this is a tall plant, sweetly scented and just beautiful.

*Honesty....this will come as no surprise to those who follow me on seems to appear almost daily in my posts!

*Rose Campion...really this is a short lived perennial but it can be treated as a biennial. Such a vibrant and useful cottage garden flower with beautiful silvery foliage too.

*Forget-me-nots...make a haze of blue across your garden and are perfect in little posies.

* many gorgeous hues to choose from and a lovely sweet scent.

*Foxgloves...the quintessential cottage garden flower. These always remind me of the illustration in a Beatrix Potter book, especial Jemima Puddleduck!

Having biennials will mean that you are:

Not so dependent on your autumn shown annuals flowering early.

It gives you a wonderful smug sense of satisfaction to get these sown and underway😁

And above all it gives you many more win, win, win!

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